The Year Comes to a Close for Tam High Mock Trial

Tam High Mock Trial held their annual end-of-the-year party today at team member Sydney Brown’s house in Mill Valley. The festivities included a few of the team’s regular traditions: awards for every team member, coach’s gifts, scrapbooks presented to the seniors and the anticipated announcement of next year’s two team captains.

Duncan Labeauuw-Anderson followed in the footsteps of Leland Grossman, Elena Ricciardi and Thibault DeSaint-Phalle in receiving the “Next Mock Trial Heartthrob Award.” Sydney Brown became the next in line after Carrie Brandon, Crista Swanson, Casey Khademi and others in receiving the “Next Mock Trial Sweetheart Award,” and senior Will Rogosin received the first ever “Thom Scher Award.”

Alumni and coaches were in attendance. Senior captains Georgia Pemberton and Hayley Van Allen ended the gathering by presenting the captain awards to Elissa Asch and Ellie Allen. The torch was passed for a great year to come.

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