Notable Alums

Tam High Mock Trial alums are leaving their marks in the fields of journalism, law, medicine, musical theater and more. See below for an abbreviated list of some of the accomplishments of our alumni.

Alum Tam High Class Year

Accomplishments to Date

Kelly Stout 2006 Vassar College Class of 2010

Editor, The New Yorker

Molly Alarcon 2006 Princeton University Class of 2010

Yale Law School Class of 2016

Director, Democratic National Committee

Sandra Allen 2005 Brown University Class of 2009

Editor, Buzzfeed

Jessica Harris  2002 Stanford University Class of 2007

UCSF School of Medicine (current student)

Courtney Khademi 2006 Stanford University Class of 2010

Stanford Law School Class of 2016

 Benjamin Harris  2010 Columbia University Class of 2014


 Carl Cummings 2002  Stanford University Class of 2006

Stanford Graduate School of Business Class of 2017

McKinsey and Company

**List is not complete

Further Mock Trial Awards

Tam High Mock Trial Alum have continued to compete in mock trial at colleges and law schools across the country. An abbreviated list of the alum’s accomplishments is below.

Alum College/Law School Mock Trial Accomplishments
Natalie Robinson Boston University/BOALT School of Law
IndiAna Gowland Macalester College
Margot Cardamone Dickinson College
Abigail Kertzman Washington University in St. Louis
Casey Khademi Stanford University
Amy Hersh University of Washington
Sander Lutz University of California, Berkeley
Courtney Khademi Stanford University/Stanford Law School
Molly Alarcon Princeton University
Jack Budish University of California, Los Angeles
Brett Russell University of California, Santa Barbara
Maddy Ball Tufts University
Russell Wirth Georgetown University